Warpy Transition Effect Alight Motion

Warpy Transition Effect Alight Motion by Implacable YT 

This is an amazing thing of Alight Motion Apk that you can export in multiple formats of video. You can also export a particular image frame from the video. There are a lot of video and animation formats available to export your animated videos. Available formats are MP4 (video), GIF, XML, PNG, JPEG, etc. You can easily export your animated videos in these available formats. You can easily share these files in any of platform in multiple formats.

- Add multiple layers in animation videos with blending options

- 2000+ inbuilt fonts are available

- Adjust aspect ratio of thevideo

- Also you can add your custom Fonts in the video

- Tune colors and adjust video apperence

- KeyFrame animation helps to edit video frame by frame

- A lot of visual effects are available to apply in your animation video

- You can also create your own vector animation in video

- Export video in Multiple formats like MP4, GIF, etc.

- No Watermark will be in your video

- All the Premium features are unlocked

- & even Much More ! 

More :

- New Effects: Hollow Box, Electric Edges, Smooth Edges

• Improved the Oscillate effect (it’s much easier to adjust now!)

• New Effects: Soft Glow, Light Glow, Edge Glow

• Bug Fixes

• New frame rate options: 18fps, 20fps

• Added Thai and Malay translations

- New Effect Browser with search and presets!

• New Effects: Hexagon Tile Rotate, Hexagon Tile Shift

• Improved Effects: Dots, Turbulence, Luma Key, Motion Blur, Flip Layer, Solid Matte

• Most effects fine-tuned: Clearer labels, more sensible numbers

• New Effect Guide: detailed instructions for every effect

• Fixed rare bug saving video codec evaluation results

• Audio re-sampler can be changed, for less preview lag on slower devices

• Bug fixes and performance improvements

How do I import XML into Alight Motion on iOS?
Alight motion app doesn’t allows to import XML files on ios you can only import presets through alight links. In case of Android you still can import xml files on the version 3.2.0 and below from the 3.2.1 update version on alight motion doesn’t allow to import XML files.

Is Alight Motion a good choice?
With this reliable, useful, and free Android video editor, you can create amazing motion graphics directly on your smartphone. The development team claims that the application is the first of its kind to be available on Android, iPad, and iPhone. Alight Motion is a sophisticated tool, which supports video editing, VFX, and other innovative features. The application can give tough competition to professional grade alternatives like After Effects, Davinci Resolve, and Premier Pro.

so i'll make it smaller after adding these keyframes you have to check if it is following the building or not if it is not following the building you have to add more keyframes so we are going to add another keyframe at the center of these two keyframes and again re-adjust it and i will add another keyframe here and then again re-adjust the size of the text try to add less keyframes then it will be more smoother now i will delete this part of the video from where one of the fixed points starts to go out of the frame and that's all for this video you can use this effect in starting of your montage to show your channel's name or anything you want to show so thank you for watching see you in the next video you.

now that we have the layer moving we can make the motion a little more natural by adding an easing curve tap on the easing icon and i will choose this preset which causes the layer to stop gradually rather than stopping abruptly i'll add the same preset to both the scale and rotation properties now i am ready to start adding some effects but first i'm going to duplicate the layer i know that i will want a second copy later to use as a mask and then i will turn off the visibility until i'm ready to work with this layer to keep the two copies straight i will rename this bottom one key mask and the top one key symbol on the key symbol layer i will tap effects add effect and under procedural i will choose fractal ridges i am going to adjust the scale of the effect to about six then i want to animate the evolution 

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