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Lens Blur Transition preset 

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What can you do with Alight Motion?

- A variety of interesting effects for your videos
- Editing videos in multiple layers
- Quickly save your favorite elements
- Free to use
- Video and Animation Editor
- Brilliant tools for animations and motion graphics
- Import your own editing materials or download them from the library

Alight Motion allows users to create new projects and their work. You will be able to add to the new project the photos and videos available on the device. Alight Motion allows users to export videos in many formats such as regular videos, GIF images, Image sequence, Project Package and PNG images. Alight Motion also provides distortion effects (distortion/warp) to make your videos become more attractive.

This Application has plenty of functionalities such as we can adjust the image color, add transitions to merge videos, and use some really cool effects with animations. Apart from this, we can use lot of templates and particles in this application, which delivers loads of fun in post-production.

Alight Motion also have lot of features like shapes, media, text, and drawing resources to design our project. By using this application, we can develop our creativity as new project or import any file to the programs timeline. It’s a great choice for professional designers using smartphones.

Compared to PowerDirector, Soloop, and FilmoraGO, Alight Motion has lot of creating stunning animations and give a detailed finished output file.With this video editing application, we can edit images with text, animations, filters and so on.

The quality of the music is not good, because we can able to notice glitches in audio and also it’s take lot of time duration to export sound files are the main lag of using this application. Apart from this, the application works well on different versions of Android and runs smoothly on all leading devices.

Customizable Building-block Effects
Combine building blocks from our library of over 100+ customizable effects to create an infinite variety of unique and sophisticated professional visual effects to precisely suit your needs and express your creativity.

How to Import File in Alight Motion
Extract the Zip file using “WINRAR” any other what you have.
Tap on Alight Motion Project File or Select xml file and share with Alight Motion
Project File Automatically Redirect to Alight Motion App and for xml Go to the Alight Motion App.
Then edit project file according to video.
Then Export your intro and Cheers! all set :))
If you are having any issue with downloading than try to refresh the page, if still not working then copy and paste this post URL to a different browser.

Step 1
So first of all you need Alight Motion online. Now you must be thinking that why am I using only Alight Motion. Because Elite supports Text Animation in Alight motion only. That's why we are going to use Alight motion. The reason for using the Alight Motion app is the impact and availability of sharing projects in the app. So if you don't have Elite Motion app in your phone then please download it using below available link. You have been provided with the download link of the latest version of the Elite Motion app.

So you have to download Alight motion. Now you have to follow what I will tell you. So we are going to download Text Animation in Alight Motion in two ways.

It is one of the top and best application for aspiring graphic designers, videographers, and animators by using smartphones. It is an amazingly simple and easy-to-use software for video and animation purposes. By using this application, you don’t need to stay in single place to work on creating your video.


so i'll add a keyframe then also drop down to two and a half seconds and set the choke to 100 and also i'll set the feather to0.75 for a softer edge the last thing i need to do to this subcaste is add a wipe effect under matte mask key again choose wipe i want this subcaste to amp onto the screen from the bottom to the top so i will change the angle to 90 degrees at the 2 alternate mark on the timeline i'll set a keyframe for the launch property also drop to 1 alternate and increase the launch value until the subcaste is hidden at two seconds i want to bring in a white dupe of the key over the top of this green one extend this subcaste to the end of the timeline as the subcaste animates onto the screen i want it to mix with the subcaste below 

Alight Motion Features

By using this application on smartphones, we can produce professional quality results.

 - Multiple layers of graphics, video and audio
 - Vector and bitmap support (edit vector graphics directly in the application)
 - Over 100 basic effects building blocks that can be combined to create visual effects
 - Keyframe animation available for all settings
 - Grouping and masking
 - Color adjustment
 - Facilitate animation for smoother movement: Choose from presets or create your own time curves
 - Speed-based motion blur
 - Export MP4 video/GIF animation
 - Solid and gradient color fill effects
 - Edge and shadow effects
 - Custom font support
 - Save your favorite items for easy reuse in future projects


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If you have only smart phone and you start to carrer in editing field then this application is best for you.and you know so many editing application and software is available in market but it is paid. so that alight motion is best point about it. i also edit my every video using alight motion past 1 year so my experience is good for it. sometime my project was crash due to my device specification so try again and again to export my project till project was complety done. and some time i split my project in two part so it nicely export. and also i edit my video using my smart phoneTotally Alight Motion is a one of the best and useful application for upcomming young Editor . So go to Alight Motion and enjoy in your editor journey . Follow and support 

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