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 Trending HDR CC Alight Motion


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Alight Motion App

Alight Motion App is a FREE android operation but the decoration interpretation of Alight Motion Pro APK is paid inplay store, But then on our point we're furnishing you the Premium interpretation of Alight Motion Apk for absolutely free. This is the free interpretation of Alight Motion APK for Android, ultraexpensive apk so, You can download the Alight Motion Pro Apk form our point. Latterly we bandy about the Premium features of this app. It's one of the Stylish videotape editing app for android device. Also Alight Stir pro is the one the loftiest rated (4.3) app on Play Store.

Alight Motion Visual Effects

Goods in the vitality videotape gives a coming position look to your videotape, So Alight Motion Pro offers you inbuilt Visual Goods to use in the stir graphic vidoes. There are a 1000s of Visual goods available in store like Hot color, exposer, colour tune, highlights and murk, shadows, etc and much further. You can fluently use these videotape goods in your vitality. This gives your vitality videotape and great look. Tune color can help you to tune the videotape vitality color. You can also control the exposer in the videotape by applying these all visual goods.


now that we have the layer moving we can make the motion a little more natural by adding an easing curve. tap on the easing icon and i will choose this preset which causes the layer to stop gradually rather than stopping abruptly i will add the same preset to both the scale and rotation properties. now i am ready to start adding some effects but first i'm going to duplicate the layer i know that i will want a second copy later to use as a mask and then i will turn off the visibility until i'm ready to work with this layer to keep the two copies straight i will rename this bottom one key mask and the top one key symbol on the key symbol layer i will tap effects add effect and under procedural i will choose fractal ridges i am going to adjust the scale of the effect to about six then i want to animate the evolution


few things i have added velocity effect using kine master if you don't know how to add velocity effects check out my old videos i'll provide the link of those videos in the description below now we have to do one more thing you have to come here at this position where the scope opens totally and here stop the video and select capture and save it will save a screenshot in your phone and don't select any clip otherwise you will not get the capture and safe option after saving the screenshot export this video and now let's move on to alight motion.


first create a new project with a black background after that we have to import that video which we just exported from kind master now here you have to come at the same exact position where we took the screenshot and now here select the clip and extract the audio now keep this audio layer below the video layer now we have to split the video from the center so select the video and click here now let me play the video one time i am going to hold this clip and bring it here at the beat.


we'll see it will look something like this and what you can do is also use some ease ease if you want to by I think this already looks pretty cool but you can like select all of your animation keyframes on D but not the angled one ones a holding shift you can select all of the is and then right click keyframe assistance easy ease and go into the graph editor to maybe fix them up a little bit more so you can drag these up and these in here and that will give you a kind of animation like this which also looks pretty cool really depends on what you're after but yeah you can see the possibilities this way you can also add some gradients if you want to that might make it look a little bit better as well but like right here on the second one we actually we actually want to add some drop shadow so it's actually looking like a 3d depth.


hey guys so after a long time i'm uploading a video about Alight motion preset and in this video i'm going to show you how to make this text effect which you can use in your thumbnails banners and anywhere you want i've already made a beginner's guide for Alight motion preset you can check that out if you're a beginner you guys can also download the project file from the description here you can just drag and drop the text into your project and edit it but to download it you have to skip some ads i'll also provide a video which will explain how to skip those ads and download it


 so all the links will be in the description Alight Motion let's get started with the tutorial first create a new project in Alight motion preset so click on file and then new and here you can select the resolution which is usually 1920 by 1080 for thumbnails so this is our blank project Alight Motion select the text tool and click on the canvas to add any text i'm just adding any random text for Alight Motion i can't see me let me change the color of the text so that you can see what is happening after adding the text click on the tick button and if you want to move it you can use the move tool and to resize it you can press ctrl press t on your keyboard Alight Motion let me make few copy of this layer


my logo will be in its final position to get the positioning right for the key and the text i'm going to bring in the original logo as a single png image to use as a guide let's hide the key symbol for a moment then from the add menu i will tap image and video and select the logo i will adjust the position and scale of the layer until i'm happy with the composition to make this guide layer easy to distinguish from the layers that are animating i will change the color go to effects and under color and light choose solid color position this layer below the key symbol now we can work on the animation for the key tap the i to make it visible again set a keyframe at 4 seconds for the position and the scale then at 4 10 i will adjust these properties to align the key with the guide layer next i will bring in the logo text to have 4 seconds again i want to align the image to the guide layer at 4 10. set a keyframe for the position and scale properties then at 4 seconds increase the scale and move the text off the right side of the frame with the animation set for these two layers we can delete the guide layer and we can preview that animation 


 so let me give you a quick overview of the effects the first one is oscillate effect and you can see here this is the kind of motion you get from this effect by increasing the magnitude you can actually increase the distance you can also change the angle from here and frequency is how many times it will complete a movement in one second in simple words you can say that it is the speed so if you increase it the speed will increase the next effect is swing effect and it is what the name suggests it will give you a swing kind of animation here if you change one angle it will rotate in one direction and if you change the other angle to negative it'll rotate in two directions and that's pretty much it Alight Motion let's make the shake effect in edit motion


We provide a list of 77 different simplistic and adjustable frames, paired perfectly with Instagram. Now including the new Wallpaper Pack.Camly is an awesome photo editing app that combines professional editing tools and simplicity of usage.


Camly lets you use various effects for pictures including unique filters that can easily make your photo special.Filter packs were created by a team of professional photographers and compiled their long photo editing experience. Use the results of their work to give a desirable look to your photo!We created the following photo effects for you: light leaks effects, vintage, retro, selfie photo effects, black and white effects, color balance, and other amazing filters for photos!


Use any of our 15 uniquely made adaption tools to enhance your images to perfection with ease.  Crop your prints with our quick and easy cropping tool with 15 different presets.
Transform your prints with our rotating tool, vertical and perpendicular flipping tools, and unkinking. 


Alight Motion a range of real and natural light leaks we created with 35 mm film and instant film, to simplistic scratchy film textures. 


If you have only smart phone and you start to carrer in editing field then this application is best for you.and you know so many editing application and software is available in market but it is paid. so that alight motion is best point about it. i also edit my every video using alight motion past 1 year so my experience is good for it. sometime my project was crash due to my device specification so try again and again to export my project till project was complety done. and some time i split my project in two part so it nicely export. and also i edit my video using my smart phone which have 4 GB ram and 64 GB internal storage. at end my conclusion i recommended you. if you don't try alight motion first try it. and in starting it is hard but when time going on it's like very simple.

Alight Motion 3D objects was introduced in latest Alight Motion version 4.0.0 . This version is a one of the best Alight Motion version . Because most of the effect was used like in after effect . Alight Motion became a new after effect for mobile .this version make a good for editing video for begginers .

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