Thugesh Thumbnail part 2

 How to Make Thumbnail Background Like @Thugesh | Thumbnail pack | 3 colour Background 

Hey Guys 
In this video I provid a 3 colour Thumbnail Background Like Thugesh. Thugesh Thumbnail Background is next level So today I give a pack of 10 Thumbnail Background.
Which Thumbnail Background you can use on your YouTube Video Thumbnail.


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How do I download KineMaster?

1) How to Install KineMaster on your Android Device for Free.

2) Click on the download button on the sidebar, and a new tab will open directly to the KineMaster download page.

3) Do not press the big Start buttons as these are ads and will download other programs to your computer.

4) If you don’t have an Android Emulator, such as BlueStacks, download it now.

5) Once the APK download is complete, double click on the file, and it will install on your emulator.

6) A KineMaster icon will appear on your desktop. Click on it to launch the program.

What is Handwriting in KineMaster?

Handwriting option in KineMaster Pro Video Editor will allow you to draw or sketch on top of your videos by creating a new layer. The primary purpose of the handwriting tool is to highlight a certain area with the use of shapes or pointers, usually arrows. With the added features of KineMaster such as Animations, you could create a live moving pointers with the handwriting tool.

What is a transition in a video?

A transition in a video refers to the joint between two separate clips. A transition can be of numerous styles and designs. From basic swipe to professional cinematic cuts.

With the help of KineMaster Pro Video Editor. We can add some great looking transitions to our videos. We get a reasonable number of free good looking transitions. Including 3D transitions as well. We also get Presentation Transitions, Sentimental, Travel transitions etc. One fine feature about KineMaster is that you also get the option to add Text transitions as well. Text transition are those Animations which is usually used to describe a story or highlight the key peoples included in the making of a particular movie or a video.

What is overlay in KineMaster?

KineMaster allows you to add short animated clips to your videos in the form of Overlays. Overlays are added as a layer on top of your original video clips. Later, to this overlay layer, you can also add multiple Animations, Texts, Effects, and pretty much edit your overlay as your wish. You can also increase or decrease the size of the overlay as well as position your overlay to any location you would like to.

KineMaster offers just two pre installed overlays on the free version. These include the Neon Delights and Classic Stickers. The Neon Delights contain a set of colourful animated stickers which can be very useful for few users. While the classic stickers are just a collection of emojis and emoticons. And yes. If you have a subscription, you won't have to worry about overlays since you can download many premium overlays.

Alight Motion

Alight Motion Pro Apk offers you 2000+ inbuilt fonts in the app that you can use in your video as the text layers. Add text in the Graphic animation video and you can easily animate the text in various forms. Multiple fonts are available, you can easily make your text font really cool and attractive. There are thousands of fonts available but still if you want to use your custom text font then you can also add your own text font.

Alight Motion allows users to create new projects and their work. You will be able to add to the new project the photos and videos available on the device. Alight Motion allows users to export videos in many formats such as regular videos, GIF images, Image sequence, Project Package and PNG images. Alight Motion also provides distortion effects (distortion/warp) to make your videos become more attractive.

Top Effects 

• New Effects: Soft Glow, Light Glow, Edge Glow
• Bug Fixes
• New frame rate options: 18fps, 20fps
• Added Thai and Malay translations
- New Effect Browser with search and presets!
• New Effects: Hexagon Tile Rotate, Hexagon Tile Shift
• Improved Effects: Dots, Turbulence, Luma Key, Motion Blur, Flip Layer, Solid Matte
• Most effects fine-tuned: Clearer labels, more sensible numbers
• New Effect Guide: detailed instructions for every effect
• Fixed rare bug saving video codec evaluation results
• Audio re-sampler can be changed, for less preview lag on slower devices
• Bug fixes and performance improvements


when i go to if you want to follow along with me you can download a starter project just like this. one or the finished project from links in the video description.let's get started by adding the logo for my animation i actually saved the logo in two parts so that i could animate them separately for this first part of the animation i just want to work with the key symbol first i will animate the scale and rotation of the key over one second set a keyframe at the two second mark where the animation will end then back at one second scale the layer up and add a little rotation i will go to minus 25 degrees.

Alight Motion Features

 - Multiple layers of graphics, video and audio
 - Vector and bitmap support (edit vector graphics directly in the application)
 - Over 100 basic effects building blocks that can be combined to create visual effects
 - Keyframe animation available for all settings
 - Grouping and masking
 - Color adjustment
 - Facilitate animation for smoother movement: Choose from presets or create your own time curves
 - Speed-based motion blur
 - Export MP4 video/GIF animation
 - Solid and gradient color fill effects
 - Edge and shadow effects
 - Custom font support
 - Save your favorite items for easy reuse in future projects

Is Alight Motion a good choice?

With this reliable, useful, and free Android video editor, you can create amazing motion graphics directly on your smartphone. The development team claims that the application is the first of its kind to be available on Android, iPad, and iPhone. Alight Motion is a sophisticated tool, which supports video editing, VFX, and other innovative features. The application can give tough competition to professional grade alternatives like After Effects, Davinci Resolve, and Premier Pro.

Question & Answer

Is KineMaster for free?
Kinemaster is a free and subscription-based video editing app available for both iOS and Android. In fact, the interface is similar on both devices.

Is KineMaster for PC free? 
Not only is KineMaster for PC free but if you follow the instructions above, I’ll show you how to download a modded version so you can remove the KineMaster watermark and use all the premium filters and videos for free.

Is KineMaster for PC safe? 
I tested the file in VirusTotal, and of the 6 antivirus engines, only one of them flagged it, and that was because it’s an ad-supported application.

What is use of XML in Android?
Basically, XML is used for layout designing. Each of the UI and layout of your program was created using XML . Unlike Java (that is Back Bone of your android app), XML will help you to design your app, how it will look, how components such as switches, textview, etc will be put and its own styling.

How do you download effects in alight motion?
First you have to open the beta mark and in this b mark you have to add the overlay effect and the images on which you want to edit this video. You have to add the images properly in the beat mark and cut the extra part by clicking on the script option of a our alightmotion software

What does it mean when the video resolution is too high?
Video resolution is the number of pixels contained in each frame. Video resolution determines the amount of detail in your video or how realistic and clear the video appears. A higher number of pixels indicates a higher resolution and a lower number of pixels makes for a low-resolution video.

Blending Effect

Blending mode in the video helps to add multiple layers and to adjust shape and size of layers. Alight Motion Mod Apk allows you to add multiple layers with Blending Mode options. These options are used to adjust the layers with each others. Opacity of layers can also be changed, you can change according to your choice. These are tons of presets available for the blending modes in alight motion pro app itself.


so you have to find something like that
in your video then you have to change the size of the text so that it can match with the building keep two fixed points like i am keeping one fixed point here and the other will be on the other side where the roof ends after placing the text correctly you have to select that layer then select animation and now you have to find where one of the fixed points starts to go out of the frame like here it is going out of the frame.

Alight Motion App

Alight Motion App is a FREE android operation but the decoration interpretation of Alight Motion Pro APK is paid inplay store, But then on our point we're furnishing you the Premium interpretation of Alight Motion Apk for absolutely free. This is the free interpretation of Alight Motion APK for Android, ultraexpensive apk so, You can download the Alight Motion Pro Apk form our point. Latterly we bandy about the Premium features of this app. It's one of the Stylish videotape editing app for android device. Also Alight Stir pro is the one the loftiest rated (4.3) app on Play Store.


Alight motion and kinemaster is best application for mobile editing so you must try it. and it is free available on play store and app store.

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