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Alight Motion

Alight Motion is free to use with introductory features and a watermark on vids you produce. There are several paid class options in the app to remove the watermark and access decoration features. Among these are subscription options that automatically renew until you cancel. Subscriptions are reused by Google and can be cancelled via the Google Play Store app or Google Play Store website. You can find further information on subscriptions at Alight Motion

Alight Stir requires at least1.5 GB of RAM to be installed and run effectively. 

This is a new operation. While we ’ve done our stylish to make sure it works well on a wide range of phones, we're a small platoon and occasionally makemistakes.However, or hav koe any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to communicate support Alight Stir and we will be happy to help you, If you run into any problems.

Alight Motion App

Alight Motion App is a FREE android operation but the decoration interpretation of Alight Motion Pro APK is paid inplay store, But then on our point we're furnishing you the Premium interpretation of Alight Motion Apk for absolutely free. This is the free interpretation of Alight Motion APK for Android, ultraexpensive apk so, You can download the Alight Motion Pro Apk form our point. Latterly we bandy about the Premium features of this app. It's one of the Stylish videotape editing app for android device. Also Alight Stir pro is the one the loftiest rated (4.3) app on Play Store.


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Alight Motion text Preset Download Link Alight Motion was a good app for make a new type of text animation like after effect . But most of the people not know how the Alight Motion was working in property . We make a good quality video on Alight Motion without any problems . And make a High quality and visibility of video like 4k and 2k export quality.


now hold this keyframe and keep this at the end we have to add some graph so that the animation becomes smooth so come between these two keyframes and select this now we have to make a graph similar to this one now come between the other two keyframes and make a graph similar to this. one if you don't know how graph works you can check out the basic tutorials of alight motion i'll provide all the links in the we have added the zoom in and zoom out effect now we have to add a rotation to rotate earlier you have to click here and then add a keyframe and keep it at the starting you have to add another keyframe and keep it at the end add one more keyframe at the center and in this keyframe you have to rotate the layer.


 now i can add an effect to this layer under color and light i will choose raise set the threshold to zero and you can increase the length and intensity until you like the look at 215 set a keyframe for intensity then at three seconds turn it down to zero at this point we will preview the animation and see what we have so far it is looking good so now it is time to add the electrical storm behind the key at the one second mark on the timeline tap add and choose a rectangle shape i will call the layer lightning long press and drag the layer to position it directly below the key mask layer in the timeline stretch the shape to the screen and scale it up beyond the edges of the frame then change the fill color to black and the blending to screen


 I'm going to and select my entire collection save there we go and then I will duplicate it once more put it below on the top one and then put it right here at the end ok so now we do realize that our middle one is a little bit thicker and it's overlapping or once but we can just trim it down a little bit and just try to give it an equal amount of width you can calculate that out if you want to but for this it will work and I will press W on the keyboard and then rotated something like just rotate it to something that whatever you think fits now we can make it a little bit thicker to cover it up completely and make it longer something like so and then I will make it a little bit dark just so you can see why the overlap is actually doing here so I will go to generate fill and I will use a dark red color or we can actually use this as a light color and copier fill and paste it on the other two and make these darker because that would make a little bit more sense there we go so now what we want is to do the actual transition.


so that's the second one I will add a gradient to this to go to layer layer Styles gradient overlay and then I'll go into the added gradient and just make it something like close to disc or well actually pick this core and make it a little bit brighter and then for this one will do something similar maybe a little bit brighter or more intense and just mix it up a little bit and I made a little mistake I actually added the gradient of our outer glow we want to edit the gradient for our solid layer so there we go okay that's better there you go you have a nice transition like this so mix it up add some gradients to some to add some 3d depth you can do some really cool things with it but if you speed it up you can also just select everything together they'll go to layer pre-compose transition oh one comp and then of course if you think it's taking too long currently it's taking like 2 seconds to complete you can go to right click time time stretch and make it 50 and that's going to make it shorter that way.


• Multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio
• Vector and bitmap support (edit vector graphics right on your phone!)
• Share project packages with others
• 160+ basic effect building blocks that can be combined to create sophisticated visual effects
• Keyframe animation available for all settings
• Link parent and child layers and rig character joints
• Border, shadow, and stroke effects
• Custom font support
• Copy and paste entire layers or just their style
• Save your favorite elements for easy re-use in future projects
• Cameras that pan, zoom, and support focus blur and fog


so you can see the keyframe right here and then offset it just one frame forward and then on this one we'll rotate it to zero and that will change it up so it's going up and then it's also going to disappear from the same position that it actually started now it's actually like it's fading out now right here we want to do the same thing for this for the second one here so click on the stopwatch you go 10 frames forward make it 100 and of course we'll have to switch the angle here so go one frame forward click on the stopwatch and go one frame forward make it the opposite of your actual value so that's 180 here that's going to make it disappear right here 


Alight motion preset hey everyone welcome to another new video and also a very happy new year to all of you so this video is actually the second part of my previous video where i've showed how to add transitions and in this video i'm going to show you how i added the shakes so let's get started the shape which we are going to make in this video is quite a simple one and we only need two effects


Now you have to know how to use Text Animation. So first of all, you have to select any one of the 20 Text Animation, after that you have to click on Animation. Now you will see many options showing above. So you have to click on the Effect option above. After that the option of 3 Dots will be showing. You have to click on if you don't know how graph works you can check out the basic tutorials of alight motion i'll provide all the links in the we have added the zoom in and zoom out effect now we have to add a rotation to rotate earlier you have to click here and then add a keyframe and keep it at the starting you have to add another keyframe and keep it at the end add one more keyframe at the center and in this keyframe you have to rotate the layer.


so all the links will be in the description Alight Motion let's get started with the tutorial first create a new project in Alight motion preset so click on file and then new and here you can select the resolution which is usually 1920 by 1080 for thumbnails so this is our blank project Alight Motion select the text tool and click on the canvas to add any text i'm just adding any random text for Alight Motion i can't see me let me change the color of the text so that you can see what is happening after adding the text click on the tick button and if you want to move it you can use the move tool and to resize it you can press ctrl press t on your keyboard Alight Motion let me make few copy of this layer


• How much storage does Alight Motion take?

So let me share my experience when I used this app for first time. To start with I search on AppStore alight motion and it came as a free app which was really great I downloaded it it's only about 80 mb in size so ye it don't take much storage space and then started my first project.Users can use almost all features in Alight Motion without having to pay a penny. However, if you want to experience the advanced features and remove any watermarks, you should sign up for VIP membership. A monthly subscription costs $5.


If you have only smart phone and you start to carrer in editing field then this application is best for you.and you know so many editing application and software is available in market but it is paid. so that alight motion is best point about it. i also edit my every video using alight motion past 1 year so my experience is good for it. sometime my project was crash due to my device specification so try again and again to export my project till project was complety done. and some time i split my project in two part so it nicely export. and also i edit my video using my smart phone which have 4 GB ram and 64 GB internal storage. at end my conclusion i recommended you. if you don't try alight motion first try it. and in starting it is hard but when time going on it's like very simple.

Totally Alight Motion is a one of the best and useful application for upcomming young Editor . So go to Alight Motion and enjoy in your editor journey . Follow and support 

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