Electric & Glowing Text Preset In Alight Motion

Electric & Glowing Text Preset In Alight Motion | Sabar Text Preset Pack Download


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 Welcome Back to Another Brand New Video. In This Video I give you Best Gaming Text Intro in Aligth Motion XML File Download. Which you can use on your Gaming video and other YT video.

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Alight Motion is video editing application for android and ios user in which you can trim video,add audio,add photo,add text and many more. In Alight Motion you find so many effect so you can use this effect and making cool stuff for your client. and it is similer to after effect bcz is which you can make 3D object and give animatation to them so this is very help your editing project. and this application is freely available to play-store as well as app-store. if your phone has 4GB Ram and 32GB or 64GB internal storage then you can export your project at 1080p and 30 frame. and your phone 6GB or 8GB Ram & 64GB or 128GB internal storage then you can export 4K or 2K project.0


• Custom font support
• Copy and paste entire layers or just their style
• Save your favorite elements for easy re-use in future projects
• Cameras that pan, zoom, and support focus blur and fog
• Grouping and Masking
• Color Adjustment
• Animation easing for more fluid motion: Pick from presets or build your own timing curves
• Bookmarks for ease of editing
• Velocity-based motion blur
• Export MP4 video, GIF animation, PNG sequences, and stills
• Solid color and gradient fill effects


now only one more thing is left we have to add a shake at the starting of this clip so select the clip and go to move and transform now select this icon we have to add a zoom out effect so add a keyframe and keep it here here the zoom out effect will end add another keyframe and increase the size of the layer and keep this keyframe at the starting now we have to add a graph between these two keyframes so come between them and click here now make a graph similar to this one so that the maximum zoom out effect is in the starting now go to effects and select add effects and here under move and transform you can find oxide effect add this effect and here change the frequency to around 10. 


 so i will add a keyframe here then scrub down to two and a half seconds and set the choke to 100 and then i will set the feather to 0.75 for a softer edge the last thing i need to do to this layer is add a wipe effect under matte mask key again choose wipe i want this layer to animate onto the screen from the bottom to the top so i'll change the angle to 90 degrees at the 2 second mark on the timeline i will set a keyframe for the start property then scrub to 1 second and increase the start value until the layer is hidden at two seconds i want to bring in a white copy of the key over the top of this green one extend this layer to the end of the timeline as the layer animates onto the screen i want it to blend with the layer below


collapse the options for the lightning effect then tap add effect and under distortion warp choose turbulent displays now we can turn on the visibility for the key mask layer long press and drag down on the tab at the left to select the key mask and lightning layers then choose the exclude mask group i will call this new group electrical storm you'll have to change the blend mode to screen on this new group position the group below the key symbol at the end of this layer i will fade out the opacity over a half a second so at 215 tap blending and opacity and set a keyframe then move to the end of the layer and set the opacity to zero next i have to bring in the rest of the logo to do that i'm going to have more electrical energy reach out from the key and pull in the text at 410 


I will be showing you how to create this nice ribbon transition. it's actually really simple to create but if you don't feel like following this tutorial or you want a little bit more variation. we offer a pack on our youtube channel that you can use and then you can change the colors change it up we have different styles of transitions and then you can simply export them for whatever video editing software you have for example for alight motion and then you can use these transitions for your projects so definitely check out the link in the description for that but for those that do want to know how to create a ribbon effect let's get started alright.


so that's the second one I will add a gradient to this to go to layer layer Styles gradient overlay and then I'll go into the added gradient and just make it something like close to disc or well actually pick this core and make it a little bit brighter and then for this one will do something similar maybe a little bit brighter or more intense and just mix it up a little bit and I made a little mistake I actually added the gradient of our outer glow we want to edit the gradient for our solid layer so there we go okay that's better there you go you have a nice transition like this so mix it up add some gradients to some to add some 3d depth you can do some really cool things with it but if you speed it up you can also just select everything together they'll go to layer pre-compose transition oh one comp and then of course if you think it's taking too long currently it's taking like 2 seconds to complete you can go to right click time time stretch and make it 50 and that's going to make it shorter that way.


 so we have to stop the video there and then add a keyframe now again you have to resize the text and try to match it with the size of the roof and now it will look something like this as you can see it is good but not good enough so we are going to make few adjustments you have to come between these two keyframes and make sure they have selected animation now add a keyframe at the center and re-adjust the text according to the size of the building as you can see here it is a little big.


 so that the pacing matches the logo layers in the blending and opacity menu change the blend mode to screen then go to effects add effect and select the lightning effect adjust the start and end positions to make it look like the lightning is connecting the key to the text i will animate the evolution throughout the duration of this layer i'm also going to add a touch more intensity and change the seed then i can add the turbulent displace effect on top of that with this effect i'm going to simulate a bit of physics between the two logo parts by adding some parallax set a keyframe at the beginning of the layer then move to the end and set the x value to -100


we have to select the second option because we want to show what is inside the circle so by using this method you can create a mask. now we have to animate this so select that group and select move and transform .now click on this icon to change the size you have to add a keyframe here now hold this keyframe and keep it at the starting add another keyframe here and decrease the size so we have created a zoom out animation now we have to add another keyframe at the end and increase the size.


we have to select the second option because we want to show what is inside the circle so by using this method you can create a mask now we have to animate this so select that group and select move and transform now click on this icon to change the size you have to add a keyframe here now hold this keyframe and keep it at the starting add another keyframe here and increase the size so we have created a zoom out animation now we have to add another keyframe at the end and decrease the size.


• Can we use Alight Motion in PC?

Run Alight Motion on PC. Alight Motion is a Video Players & Editors app developed by Alight Creative. BlueStacks app player is the best platform to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience. Create professional-quality motion graphics with ease.

• Is Alight Motion free on IOS?

There are two different ways to use Alight Motion, paid premium, or the free basic version. The differences between these two options are vast and can make or break the film project you're working on.

How much does Alight Motion Pro cost?

Users can use almost all features in Alight Motion without having to pay a penny. However, if you want to experience the advanced features and remove any watermarks, you should sign up for VIP membership. A monthly subscription costs $5.

Does Alight Motion have watermark?

Download Alight Motion Mod APK No watermark, pro already unlocked and even more features. Now, your videos editing skills will reach max potential!


If you have only smart phone and you start to carrer in editing field then this application is best for you.and you know so many editing application and software is available in market but it is paid. so that alight motion is best point about it. i also edit my every video using alight motion past 1 year so my experience is good for it. sometime my project was crash due to my device specification so try again and again to export my project till project was complety done. and some time i split my project in two part so it nicely export. and also i edit my video using my smart phone which have 4 GB ram and 64 GB internal storage. at end my conclusion i recommended you.

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