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3D Text Intro Alight Motion preset Pack 2021 | Best Gaming 3D intro Alight Motion XML File Download

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Welcome Back to Another Brand New Blog. In This Video I show you Best 2D Gaming Text Intro in Aligth Motion XML File Downlad. Which you can use on your Gaming Intro and other YouTube video. 


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Alight Motion is video editing application for android and ios user in which you can trim video,add audio,add photo,add text and many more. In Alight Motion you find so many effect so you can use this effect and making cool stuff for your client. and it is similer to after effect bcz is which you can make 3D object and give animatation to them so this is very help your editing project. and this application is freely available to play-store as well as app-store. if your phone has 4GB Ram and 32GB or 64GB internal storage then you can export your project at 1080p and 30 frame. and your phone 6GB or 8GB Ram & 64GB or 128GB internal storage then you can export 4K or 2K project.0

Alight Motion is free to use with basic features and a watermark on videos you create. There are several paid membership options in the app to remove the watermark and access a regularly updated library of premium effects and features. These subscription membership options are charged when you select to purchase them, and renew automatically unless canceled at least 24 hours prior to the beginning of the next subscription period. Subscriptions are processed by Google and can be cancelled via the Google Play Store app or Google Play Store website. 


now that we have the layer moving we can make the motion a little more natural by adding an easing curve. tap on the easing icon and i will choose this preset which causes the layer to stop gradually rather than stopping abruptly i will add the same preset to both the scale and rotation properties. now i am ready to start adding some effects but first i'm going to duplicate the layer i know that i will want a second copy later to use as a mask and then i will turn off the visibility until i'm ready to work with this layer to keep the two copies straight i will rename this bottom one key mask and the top one key symbol on the key symbol layer i will tap effects add effect and under procedural i will choose fractal ridges i am going to adjust the scale of the effect to about six then i want to animate the evolution


so i'll place a keyframe at the beginning of the layer then jump to the end of the layer and set the evolution to about 1.5 i will also turn the intensity down to 0.8 the next effect i want to add is under color and light i will choose hot color i'm going to move the color toward green on the color wheel and the tint toward a yellow green next i will tap over to blending and opacity and change the blend mode to screen okay back in the effects menu i want to swipe over to the matte mask key effects and choose matte choker tap on the invert switch to invert the effect and you'll end up with a nice outline of the key shape i'm going to animate the choke at two seconds


few things i have added velocity effect using kine master if you don't know how to add velocity effects check out my old videos i'll provide the link of those videos in the description below now we have to do one more thing you have to come here at this position where the scope opens totally and here stop the video and select capture and save it will save a screenshot in your phone and don't select any clip otherwise you will not get the capture and safe option after saving the screenshot export this video and now let's move on to alight motion.


 so i will add a keyframe here then scrub down to two and a half seconds and set the choke to 100 and then i will set the feather to 0.75 for a softer edge the last thing i need to do to this layer is add a wipe effect under matte mask key again choose wipe i want this layer to animate onto the screen from the bottom to the top so i'll change the angle to 90 degrees at the 2 second mark on the timeline i will set a keyframe for the start property then scrub to 1 second and increase the start value until the layer is hidden at two seconds i want to bring in a white copy of the key over the top of this green one extend this layer to the end of the timeline as the layer animates onto the screen i want it to blend with the layer below


 now i can add an effect to this layer under color and light i will choose raise set the threshold to zero and you can increase the length and intensity until you like the look at 215 set a keyframe for intensity then at three seconds turn it down to zero at this point we will preview the animation and see what we have so far it is looking good so now it is time to add the electrical storm behind the key at the one second mark on the timeline tap add and choose a rectangle shape i will call the layer lightning long press and drag the layer to position it directly below the key mask layer in the timeline stretch the shape to the screen and scale it up beyond the edges of the frame then change the fill color to black and the blending to screen


so you have to find something like that in your video then you have to change the size of the text so that it can match with the building keep two fixed points like i am keeping one fixed point here and the other will be on the other side where the roof ends after placing the text correctly you have to select that layer then select animation and now you have to find where one of the fixed points starts to go out of the frame like here it is going out of the frame.


collapse the options for the lightning effect then tap add effect and under distortion warp choose turbulent displays now we can turn on the visibility for the key mask layer long press and drag down on the tab at the left to select the key mask and lightning layers then choose the exclude mask group i will call this new group electrical storm you'll have to change the blend mode to screen on this new group position the group below the key symbol at the end of this layer i will fade out the opacity over a half a second so at 215 tap blending and opacity and set a keyframe then move to the end of the layer and set the opacity to zero next i have to bring in the rest of the logo to do that i'm going to have more electrical energy reach out from the key and pull in the text at 410 


now hold this keyframe and keep this at the end we have to add some graph so that the animation becomes smooth so come between these two keyframes and select this now we have to make a graph similar to this one now come between the other two keyframes and make a graph similar to this. one if you don't know how graph works you can check out the basic tutorials of alight motion i'll provide all the links in the description.so we have added the zoom in and zoom out effect now we have to add a rotation to rotate earlier you have to click here and then add a keyframe and keep it at the starting you have to add another keyframe and keep it at the end add one more keyframe at the center and in this keyframe you have to rotate the layer.


 • Is Alight Motion free on IOS?

There are two different ways to use Alight Motion, paid premium, or the free basic version. The differences between these two options are vast and can make or break the film project you're working on.

• What Alight Motion can do?

Be part of the movement! Alight Motion is the first professional motion design app bringing you professional-quality animation, motion graphics, visual effects, video editing, video compositing, and more! Vector and bitmap support (edit vector graphics right on your phone!)


If you have only smart phone and you start to carrer in editing field then this application is best for you.and you know so many editing application and software is available in market but it is paid. so that alight motion is best point about it. i also edit my every video using alight motion past 1 year so my experience is good for it. sometime my project was crash due to my device specification so try again and again to export my project till project was complety done. and some time i split my project in two part so it nicely export. if your phone has 4GB Ram and 32GB or 64GB internal storage then you can export your project at 1080p and 30 frame. and your phone 6GB or 8GB Ram & 64GB or 128GB internal storage then you can export 4K or 2K project.0

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